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What are other mums saying ?

We asked our Facebook fans to post their feedback about their experiences at Jumbos...

...and this is what they said ....

We Love It !

"We Love Jumbo's cause the kids burn energy FAST the food is both DELICIOUS and Nutritious. Want a Happy and Healthy Relaxing day out with your family look no further". - Karina Lugg

"My kids and I, and all our friends and family LOVE JUMBOS. We spend hours there chatting and enjoying all the different kinds of food while the kids play. As much as we say its for the kiddies, the adults have a play to. Thankyou thankyou, WE LOVE IT" - Hayley Addison

"My boys LOVE JUMBOS and its an excellent way to burn off the extra energy Love it ♥" - Nicholas Kurt Knox

"Jumbo's is AWESOME!! My little 2 year old can spend all day in there and he asks every day if he can go to Jumbo's. We will be having his 3rd b'day there too :) Keep up the good work jumbo's"! - Sandra Zurillo

"We LOVE jumbos. You make the kids gloriously happy, and mummy relaxed and happy too, Thank you! *mwah*!!!!" - Peta Watters

The Best Birthday Parties ...

"My kids had their birthday parties at jumbos last year and it was ssooo much fun.. They r starting 2 hint again about having their parties there again.. Cheeky.. Hehe " - Tammy Hamilton

"We recently had my little girl, Juliana's 2nd birthday party at Jumbos. It is one of her favourite places in the whole world so it made sense that we should celebrate there! I could not fault the party in any way, in fact it far exceeded my expectations. The host was wonderful and friendly and so much fun, all the kids had an absolute blast. I love Jumbos and feel so lucky that there is such a fun environment close to us and where us adults can grab a delicious coffee or scrummy meal from your cafe. Thanks Jumbos!!!!" - Lisa Lang

Great Cafe ...

"We ♥ Jumbos cause we can sit and relax while the kids have fun. The kids are always worn out after a couple of hours and sleep REALLY well! My daughter ♥'s Jumbos because the trampoline, bouncy slide and ball pits are so much FUN :)" - Kirsten McIntosh

"Jumbo's is the place to take your little munchkins because they will be entertained for hours in the fantastic play areas.... afterwards everyone can dine on delicious meals and great milkshakes, coffee's....cake's you name it"!!! - Tracy Ingram

"My friends and I LOVE Jumbos, Oh & the kids of course think its the best place in the world too! The best way to tell how much we love jumbos, is by the fact that my friends that meet me there and hang out for hours eating your scrumptious food and drinking your delish coffee's , dont even have kids! So a HUGE Thankyou... to you Jumbos, for providing an awesome place where I can hang out with friends and catch up on all the goss , while the kids still have an awesome time playing and even better wearing themselves out to spend the rest of the afternoon napping! You can say Jumbos is for the kids all you like, but we all know who really enjoys going there more, dont we mummys!!!! hehe :-)" - Julie Moore

The kids love the FREE activity mornings ...

"We go to Jumbo's every tuesday, myself and my kids just love it they love Fairy time and i love coffee and food time......we stay all day.... My husband works away so we don't get to see him very often but if it's a tuesday that he's home we still don't miss JUMBO'S DAY LOL so yes we all love JUMBOS......" - Shell Miller

"Jumbo’s has always been my favourite place from the first time I visited. All the girls have made me feel welcome and have treated me like i was a long time friend. Anytime i ever need a time out from the stresses of having 2 little ones at home I just pop into Jumbo’s where there is always great coffee and a friendly ...chat. My Daughter Milly loves Fairytime thanks to beautiful Fairy Rob and Fairy Jan who are fantastic with the kiddies. ♥ ♥ ♥ ps i have to mention that i love the caramel tarts too :-)" - Lyndsay Groth

"With three little kids at home I agree totally Lyndsay, its a fantastic place to take the kids for a little R & R. I can still and relax with a coffee and chat with a friend while the kids are safe and enjoying their favourite place. You always feel welcome there and there is always heaps of other mums and people ..." - Tracy Wilson

Friendly Staff and Great Service

"My friends and I love going to Jumbos. The kids Have a fantastic time and the staff are just lovely. I think the mum's love Jumbo's more than the kids. We get Jumbos withdrawls if we miss our weekly Jumbo's Day. My Husband doesn't even get in the way of Jumbo's day. We love Jumbo's!!!!" - Julie Moore

"I first would like to say huge thank you to the staff and owners of Jumbo's for your assistance in getting a hassles fixed.....I am a grandma taking care of my grand daughter full time and with no one else at home for her to play with I find Jumbo's so much fun and amusement for her to see her smile and be happy. Jumbo...'s is also a great place as I can supervise visits with my grand daughters mum at the same time to allow them both to have quality time and happiness together. That way I can have a break and sit and read a book and enjoy a coffee something I do not do much any more. Anyway Jumbo's is a fantastic place not only for children but for mums and dads but great for the nana's and the poppies as well. Thank you Jumbo's for bring some excitement to my grand daughter life". - Ellie Harding

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